Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Office is located between 68th and 69th Streets on Fifth Avenue, private entrance, street level.

Public Transportation Directions


 6 train to 68th Street and Lexington Avenue / Hunter College stop

                       Walk west on East 68th Street towards 5th Avenue.

           NR,W train to Fifth Avenue station.

                       Walk north on 5th Avenue towards East 69th Street.

           F train to Lexington Avenue & 63rd Street

                       Walk west on East 63 Street towards 5th Avenue.

                       Walk north on 5th Avenue towards East 69th Street.

           train to Lexington Ave & 63rd Street or to 72nd St. at 2nd Avenue

                       Walk west to Fifth Avenue

Local Buses:

M1M2M3M4 going downtown on 5th Avenue and uptown on Madison Avenue.

Cross Town: M72 & M30 on East 72 Street.

The M66 bus goes cross town on East 68th Street going east and East 67th Street going west.

Parking Garages

Chelnik Parking – 880 Fifth Avenue between Madison Ave & Fifth Ave, entrance on both 69th Street & 70th Street

NYC Central -     3 E. 67th St. between Park Ave & Madison Ave.

iPark -                 49 E. 67th St. between Park Ave & Madison Ave.

GMC Parking -    30 E. 65th St. between Park & Madison Ave.      


Dear Dr. Spinelli,

Thank you for everything that you have taught me. You are not only one of the most skilled and knowledgeable surgeons, but you have taught me to have confidence in myself and my skills. You truly care about the resident’s education and are so involved in making them not only skilled surgeons, but great surgeons.

Thank you

The Pari Family

Dear Dr. Spinelli,

I truly believe that some people are put on this earth to do good work…You have been there for my mom more than once…You’re exceptionally brilliant and forth coming with you kindness and generosity. There are no words to express our gratitude!

C. M.

Dr. Spinelli has been a godsend; always the professional, but also a warm-hearted human being willing to go the extra mile.

Geri R.

Dear Dr. Spinelli,

 My heart is so full of gratitude for all you have done for me. I was so very frightened. I listened to you take control with skill, compassion and grace, for your patient. There are of course no words for this type of situation. I am in awe of your limitless knowledge. I am awestruck by the gift of your “hands” which saved my eye and rebuilt my face.

Leslie R.

Dear Dr. Spinelli,

 Not only are you an exceptionally talented doctor, but also a great, caring, wonderful man who has helped so many people. You not only healed my face, but healed my spirit and restored my self-confidence. You represent the model for all other medical doctors with your professional excellence, integrity and dignity in patient care.